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Before I go on as to how, a certain Professor (let’s call him Professor X from now onwards) called me and a significant lot of the students “hyenas massacring the institute”, I would like to introduce myself - I am Srijan, a Junior Undergraduate (majoring in Computer Science Engineering) at the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur. I am a tech enthusiast who loves poetry. I fare decently well in academics and make it a point to attend most (read ‘all’) classes.

First of all, in Professor X’s defence, more than half of the class had arrived more than twenty minutes - he was bound to be enraged. Add to it the fact that attendance in regular lectures was also dismal. (In fact, the instructor in charge had recently made attendance compulsory allotting it a 10% weightage. The trick worked; and the huge L7 which seems empty for evening classes now overflowed with students at 8:00 am.)

I started off early that day, and by 7:48 am was in L13; I looked around to find only unfamiliar faces and was forced to take a seat alone in the second last row - in retrospect, I had an inkling of a doubt that I was in the wrong class but I shrugged it off.But by 7:55 am my doubts got the better of me and I inquired with the nearest person. He somehow seemed offended and in a barely audible voiced uttered something which vaguely sounded like Hydraulics. It took me a while to before I realised that I was in the wrong class. Fortunately, the professor was running late. I quickly gathered all my belongings and rushed out of L13, with no clue where to head. I guess lady luck was on my side that day for I found a friend who was in my tutorial and followed him into L10.

On entering L10, I relaxed a bit for the professor was nowhere to be found. I scanned the class, found a friend and took a seat next to him quite oblivious of how this particular tutorial would turn out for us.

To be continued……..