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About Me

I’m Srijan R. Shetty, Cofounder of, alumni Goldman Sachs, alumni Department of Computer Science and Engineering,Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. I’m humbled that you consider my introduction worthy of your valuable time.

I’m an eccentric who likes to scribble and hack on things (note the ‘on’). I like writing poems, the occasional open letters in the wild and public rants.

I was fat , I’m not-so-fat now. I managed to crack (sic) IITJEE, and they replaced it with JEE Mains the next year. To the surprise of all the aunties of my neighbourhood, I chose Kanpur over Bombay. (best-decision-of-my-life). I became a peace crusader in college as a member of the Antaragni peace corps. Ever since then, I try to talk in third person and paint a larger than life picture of myself.

I fancy myself as a Pan-Indian. My parents are from the South, this allows me to be an elitist South Indian, doling out free advice (being an IITian is the icing on the cake). Being brought up in North India allows me to enjoy Yo Yo Honey Singh without any baggage.

Oh, and I like running - in theory and cracking nerd jokes; and travelling.
My handle is srijanshetty on most sites. You should follow me on GitHub.