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I think Hermes has taken a liking to me of late. With these frequent cameos of pickpockets in the past few weeks, I’ve started to feel like some kind of pseudo demigod now. So, my not so happy story - happy for the pickpocket - begins with the first bout on June 6thy 2013.

In my defence I was a naive, blissfully unaware code monkey lost in the world of music. To add to it, I was taken completely off guard in a battlefield bent in the favour of my masterful opponent. (In retrospect, I should have been more careful after seeing a couple of mobile phones being lost; but then, I was busy mocking the foolishness of the owners to take notice. I guess these things come back to bite you.)

For the readers who don’t know much about Shivajinagar Bus Station and the commute from Shivajinagar to Yeshwantpur, it’s almost impossible to miss out on a Yeshwantpur bus; over the course of my stay here, I’ve found the following two step process to be very useful:

  1. Get some peanuts (preferably roasted).
  2. Enjoy the peanuts.

(You’ll know a Yeshwantpur bus when you see one - the platform 2 bus being trailed by tens of crazy commuters like a piece of living flesh being hounded by a mob of zombies, yes that’s the one!)

That day, I was the perfect victim. I trailed the bus like every other zombie until the doors of hell opened. And this is when my stupidity dawned upon me, I was surrounded by hungry zombies waiting to devour the bus. I had to save myself from this outbreak. Fighting these horrid creatures, I somehow paved a way onto the bus.

I was preening myself for making it on alive and thought that this deserved a victory song - I had switched off the music while trying to board the bus - when it hit me that my earphones missed a crucial component - the phone. I was heartbroken, and dolefully I got out of the bus with false hopes of finding it lying on the floor.

After a few minutes of trying to find my phone in vain, I gave up, boarded the next bus to Yeshwantpur - this time I stayed away from the zombie mob - and thought only about revenge. (Which I sort of got in the second round).

To be continued ……..