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The night of 17th December 2014 is something that I’ll never forget. I’m not sure whether it was the potent alcohol or the nature of our friendship, but the three and half years since our last meeting seemed inconsequential.

As the night grew colder, emotions flowed, vignettes were shared, achievements were laughed upon and the flame of our friendship burned stronger. It’s funny how much each one of us had changed individually, how far we had left behind our innocent fourteen year old selves, and yet how little we had changed as a group. Mannerisms and appearances didn’t matter then and they didn’t matter now; and yet we spend an eternity in getting them just right.

Maybe friendship transcends space and time. We parted ways six years ago, in pursuit of different goals, in different cities and yet those memories remain as vivid as yesterday. Maybe it has something to do with the nature of childhood friendships and the pivotal role they play in one’s life. Or maybe it’s just these awesome friends. Whatever may be the reason, I cannot forget the night of 17th December 2014, the promises we made, the stories we shared, the memories we created and most importantly the people I was with, will remain forever etched in my mind.

Such nights are to be cherished and such friends rejoiced.

Such nights are to be cherished and such friends rejoiced. So, cheers to many such nights together.