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Srijan R. Shetty

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The shore was calm, the winds silently blew,
Memories rushed by, and a grin silently grew.
</br/> Myriad streams inched ahead relentlessly,
And random thoughts crossed by aimlessly.
There were no thoughts in particular,
The waves splashed around in a blur.

Vignettes of what had once been,
Pebbles that would later gleam.
Apprehensions about times yet to come,
Wafts of water evaporated by the sun.

His mind was lost to the waters iridescent,
Events had transpired, the air smelt different.
It was hard to believe how life had turned,
He was far ahead from the last he burned.

And as a maroon spread in the sky,
He realised it’s time for good bye,
He picked his satchel, stole one last glance,
Savoured a view that had come by chance,
And then he went in a direction new,
Never to look back at those waters blue.