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Hi, “I’m the other Srijan, the one not from Devfolio” was the byline I’ve been forced to use for the past two months as a certain srijan has monopolized the byline. Yes, it was ardous but at the same time it was incredibly fun and that line is probably a concise description of everything I was upto at the 0xPolygon x devfolio Fellowship.

I’ll be honest, it wasn’t easy being the amongst the oldest of the lot in a hackerhouse and I’d be lying if I said that my age represented the age old wisdom of experience. The fellowship was replete with build00rs of all ages, and every minute was spent learning about the amazing ideas that the fellows were working on - from DeFi yield farming to the beauties of Account Abstraction, and ingeniuty of MeV searchers. The countless hours discussing the frontier of web3 and hacking along with the best of the build00rs of ecosystem is time that I shall definitely cherish.

My idea for the fellowship was to try and solve the problem of decentralized hiring through Trinity. Hiring is a broken process and it leaves no one happy. Potential candidates are optimizing for Data Structures and Algorithms (DSA), while employers are unable to come up with a comprehensive solution to test the technical skills of the candidates without any Proof Of Work (PoW). Trinity tries to solve this problem using a novel approach of adding a layer of validators who conduct technical interviews of the candidates and provide them with skill NFTs (now and Soul Bound Tokens) later to solve the cold-start problem of hiring. If a candidate gets hired, the validators earn a small comission from the employer.

All the code including the smart contract is open source and the links are provided below:

Title Source
Smart Contract GitHub
Front End GitHub
Website Link
Mumbai Contract Contract