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Today, I finally have most of the goodness of my shell packed as a single repository. I say most because, I still have some things stuck in antigen with no clear migration path. Until then give these goodies a whirl, and do give a shout out to me if you need any help setting them up; I’ve added instructions of getting them up and ready with the common - a metric defined by the number of GitHub stars the framework has - frameworks out there. (My favourite is undoubtedly Prezto for it’s super fast startup).


Installing under Prezto

  cd .zprezto
  git submodule add modules/cli-goodies

Add cli-goodies to your .zpreztorc file:

  # Set the Prezto modules to load (browse modules).
  # The order matters.
  zstyle ':prezto:load' pmodule \
    'environment' \
    'terminal' \
    'editor' \
    'history' \
    'directory' \
    'spectrum' \
    'utility' \
    'completion' \
    'prompt' \

Installing under oh-my-zsh
I haven’t tried using cli-goodies with oh-my-zsh and I think the following should work in theory.

    wget -O $HOME/.oh-my-zsh/custom/cli-goodies.zsh

Installing using Antigen
If you use Antigen, adding the following line to .zshrc should load cli-goodies.

    antigen-bundle srijanshetty/zsh-dwim

Using cli-goodies anywhere else
Anyone running zsh should only need to add the following line to their .zshrc:

    source init.zsh


You’ll need to install peru to get the completions working. Peru is a simple file downloader with a declarative syntax. While curl could be used to accomplish the same, peru is simpler to read.

pip install peru
peru sync

##Features Completions


I hope that you have fun using these tools as much as I do. PRs are encouraged.