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Srijan R. Shetty

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As the prince’s ambition grew, a plan was hatched,
Kill the prodigal son, the moment should be snatched,
The plan saw light, a denunciation was sent,
A court was summoned, with a judge bent,
Knowing full well his act of sin,
the prince knew he couldn’t win,
He pleaded to the kingpin,
and thereby save his from a future grim,
The conspiracy pulled through, the prince was an easy kill,
But little did they know that their plan would go uphill,
For while they rejoiced over a deed well done,
The King’s bastard, a younger son,
Seized the moment, took his kins place,
This filthy scum, a royal disgrace,
A cunning fox, had to be replaced,
Realizing their folly, a call was placed,
For men who could rise,
and be their weapon in disguise,
So our man was to be summoned, to fight this vice,
He in his political exile, commanded the Legion of flames,
He was taken by surprise , as the men with no names,
Our man obliged for the lack of choice,
The inviting party gave with their deceiving lies,
Through the raging storm they reached to where it all began,
Those old courts, the King’s throne, the denounced life of our man.
He knew full well of the new prince, a good friend, a fellow flame,
Our man confessed, the prince’s ascent, was his to blame,
He refused to help, for the courts mess was not his to clean,
For the Legion was his future, this was what he had been.
And he walked away, wronged again,
A story unheard, a sacrifice in vain.
For the world believed he was never the man I knew,
A figment of greatness that I construe.