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Srijan R. Shetty

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Our man, with his wretched fate;
a destiny with only miseries to date;
memories he couldn’t face,
was broken - sought solace.

Ergo he chose to recede - to fade away,
and time passed slowly, until one day:
He chanced upon a legion great,
(A legion intertwined with his fate).
The legion of fire, not very old,
Borne by men strong and bold.

Our man blissfully unaware,
Had no clue as to where,
His life was headed, took a leap,
To forge a tale, centuries would keep.

Where once was loss, now was desire,
Where once was fear, now was a fire.
He joined the legion not to lead those men,
To redeem, but who could have thought then,
That our man with his fellow generals humble,
Would pull of a historic win, a huge gamble.

And so he saw hope, his faith did return,
The legion was a spark, for fates did turn.