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And then came winter with a war in store,
A battle for power, of blood and gore.
Unaware, our man and his best,
were caught in action, put through a test,
A valiant general, an old friend,
A Nobel heart, with a mission to mend,
Seeked council, and honest advice,
As he sparred with a cunning vice;
A crooked heart, a master of deceit,
A worthy opponent, a man to beat.
Fuelled more by emotion, less by insight.
Our man, a fool, thought that he might
aid the general, show the people light.
But all went astray, when another front
a brother in arms, pulled a blinder - a stunt;
never did a councilman come to war.
He should’ve know - this would scar,
all he had, his council, his men,
alas! he could only wait; when.
If only, he hadn’t been so brave,
If only, he hadn’t erred so grave.
Two honourable men, two close friends,
Three men, battling for different ends.
Knowing all too well our man resigned -
power could corrupt, any pious mind.
Our man didn’t lose much, he lost a lot.
The vice would fight fair - or so he thought,
The gullible general, his army bribed,
An unwinnable fight, with men who lied.
The councilman won a battle or two,
But in the end that proved too few,
The general lost, the councilman was defaced,
Both wallowed in pity as the vice embraced
the throne he craved. But to all’s surprise,
In a public hearing, the cunning vice,
Sentenced the men, they were exiled,
Their glories, their victories all defiled.