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Srijan R. Shetty

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He was never content, he wanted more,
Every time they met a new face she wore.
He was assiduous, he could not waste time,
Whenever they met, she silently stopped time.

He lived in the moment, he had no regrets,
With him she didn’t think, there were no bets.
He was eccentric, he could not decide,
She was the wind that flew with his mind.

He was ostentatious, he liked the lime light,
She couldn’t care less, gave it without a fight.
He was restless, he hated to sleep,
With her he had no promises to keep.

She had a past she couldn’t let go,
His past he hid, no one could know.
A future she couldn’t stop thinking about,
A thing he preferred being oblivious about.

She was oblivious of her beauty,
And he adored her simplicity,
She always wanted more of his time,
He would coerce her with his rhyme.

She wasn’t your typical mushy lady,
She took both those imposters in stride,
He wasn’t your typical uptight man,
He had more than a false pride.

Everything about them seemed odd,
And despite all of this, they stand -
this enigmatic pair, undiscerning,
Amidst differences, hand in hand.