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This is one of my favourite works, for every verse reminds me of a chapter in my life.

Sometimes tears quench the pain,
Sometimes a loss has more to gain,
Sometimes words are not enough,
Sometimes life is agonizingly tough,
Sometimes you can only believe,
Sometimes friends do betray and deceive,
Sometimes old foes become friends,
Sometimes a battle never ends,
Sometimes expectations don’t matter,
Sometimes dreams do shatter,
Sometimes you are left estranged,
Sometimes the person in the mirror has changed.
Sometimes people act uncanny and strange,
Sometimes silence drives you insane,
Sometimes your best efforts are in vain.

Sometimes the most certain thing in life,
Becomes its greatest strife;
Sometimes the mistakes that you do,
Outlives the good in you.
Sometimes after all is said and done,
You still fail to recognize ‘the one’.