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What’s in my smile she asked,
And I was at loss of words.

Not at her question but her naivety;
for she simply couldn’t see,
what I saw - her simplicity, her beauty.
So, I stood there staring in those,
starry eyes, as her lips quivered,
crimson as that unfaithful rose.
I could give those hopeful eyes,
the world, the universe, but words,
to them would be disgrace - lies.

And so, all I could say was this:
When all hope seems weak,
It’s your reassuring smile; I miss.
When I’m lost amidst these men,
It’s your familiar voice, your
beautiful embrace, I desire then.
And when dusk draws near,
It’s that ever so familiar light,
I search and seek for my dear.

In the end it’s not the question,
But the fact that I’m such a wreck -
that the girl whose possession,
Is this marvel, would never learn it’s
wonder, for I’ll remain in the shadows; gutless,
with a pen, tearing this verse to bits.