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Srijan R. Shetty

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Moon and stars a union delight,
The two meet in this heavenly sight;
He falls to Venus’ might
While she is nescient of his plight.

The spell is cast, a story starts,
He yearns for her heart;
yet his love, his precious,
remains forever oblivious.

He expresses his love, but in vain,
For she misunderstands - its his bane;
The world mocks him insane,
But only a few understand his pain.
Despite the anguish, he remains persistent,
and the unrelenting gods remain adamant.

Despite his wretched fate,
nothing but her will satiate
his implacable thirst,
as she is his only and first.
Ergo he wont give up, he will fight,
for he believes his love is right.