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Srijan R. Shetty

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Amidst voices of other forlorn men,
An eerie silence, and a broken pen;
reminiscing, a man stood lost again.
A promise once made was broken;
the empty doorways stood it’s token.

I never feared what lay ahead,
but what was once - the buried dead,
a haunted past, a scarred child,
who stood there, hopeful, in the wild.
And when I looked into those eyes,
I felt a chill; I could hear the lies,
which were told to this innocent life -
promises of no struggle, no strife.

Hollow words, just like mine.
But he endured he didn’t whine,
Thinking, he could change time.
Alas, he was thrown into an abyss,
ambition was lost and so was his
faith. An innocent was lost to the man
he became, it wasn’t how but was when -
the child became the man he despised.