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Srijan R. Shetty

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Hold on tight,
Air, fire - a final fight,
Their swords vs. our might,
The sun’s ebbing - Hope’s light.
The enemy strike, an attempts made,
The warriors draw their blade,
Albeit I have no bow or blade,
Nor a gun nor spade,
My fears, they fade;
I don’t yield, I win,
And soon twilight sets in.
Another attempt from darkness’ kin,
I persevere, desires within;
Night at evils peak,
No silver moon to seek,
I heave - my breath’s weak,
I cringe as the dead shriek,
The fallen heroes, they speak.
“Have faith, always persist,
Embrace death, don’t resist.”
A fire they smouldered,
To passion I surrendered,
Not to death, my weapons surrendered,
They thought I had blundered,
But then the sky thundered;
Rode in a shining knight,
The end’s near - recede night,
Leap, jump the goal is in sight,
Grab the chance, the moment’s right,
Dawn’s here to witness our might.
I stand there with eyes tight,
Chest heavy, brows drenched,
Shoulders loose, a thirst unquenched;
The enemy attacks with malice,
All their attempts and futile tries,
This time won’t suffice,

I don’t slash, I don’t slice,
I stand my ground, take every blow,
The pain stings on a bloody brow.
My body cringes, I don’t fall,
I know, I’ll make the final call.
Another wave, another attack,
This warrior won’t fight back.
So, even after their many tries,
The flames of hope burn in my eyes.
I didn’t seek the enemies demise,
But my will to hold, and faith to rise.

Seeing my courage, an indomitable will,
He’s at loss, he orders to hold still.
He won’t win, I won’t fight,

he accepts defeat, ends it right.

Orders his armies to retreat,
Another battle, a miraculous feat,
A victory without defeat.

It’s not victory or defeat,
Nor glory or retreat,
But wits and resolve,
Which can shelter your fall.
So never lose hope, don’t give up,
Shake the dust, and stand up.
As the sun shines, remember,
It’s never too late, so lumber.

The night’s gone, day befalls,
A new story, a journey for all,
Another enemy standing tall,
To test our wits and resolve,
So let’s act as life calls!