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Srijan R. Shetty

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Two roads diverged in a wood, and estranged they stood.

For a minute there I wanted time to stop,
A thousand answers whirred by,
With no semblance to the question at top.

Words felt heavy, and my breath was lost,
A wandering spirit, a guilt, and a rumour of loss,
Not reason, it was absolution I sought.

We had trudged along, enduring our plight,
Numbed by our pain, seeking respite,
Dreaming together, in the search of light.

No direction, and this inheritance of loss,
In our love of shared pain, and lost cause,
Being alone, with each other, in this chaos.

Yes, I’d erred, I had lost her hand,
Not knowing what that had meant,
I’m now left with ruins in the sand.

These echoes of silence, my hopeless cries,
Hallow my way - the scars of a past life,
Guiding my path, amidst these many lies.

The minute was gone, the thought was spent,
And even if I yearned, or asked for more,
The deed was done, no wise of what it meant.