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To the Senators,

Dear Sirs,
What transpired yesterday - the 29th of October 2013 - really disheartened a student who has been closely involved with both the Antaragni team and the Students’ Senate.

I had a lot of faith in the institution of the Students’ Senate, but yesterday I could see no man who was ready to see reason. I wish to make it clear that I do not believe that the Antaragni team was right or the President was right. Both have erred and maybe the Antaragni team has erred more. But even after my sincere apologies, a certain faction believed that an apology wasn’t enough and a signal had to be sent. I would like to question the gentlemen who were present in the room, whether impeaching two men who have toiled hard for eight months in order to create something magical for the students is the right way to go about it.

I do not question the intentions of either party, both wanted the best of the students. But to a certain individual who arrived very late to the scene and who cited the “students good” and who second guessed himself after the Senate reached a decision, I have only this to say: Sir, I respected you for your ideals, I always have and always will, but yesterday your judgement was clouded. You were not the man I once knew. A man who would pay attention to the tiniest of details, a man who would think everything through, a man who could overlook petty ego clashes and reach at a just decision. Sir, I may have lashed out at you in the end, but do forgive me, for it wasn’t the rational man in me who spoke those words, it was a heartbroken student who had worked eight months to make sure that every student of this glorious institute had four days which he could remember forever.

I’ll repeat, I’m extremely sorry for any of my actions which may have hurt the emotions of the President, Students’ Gymkhana or the Chairperson, Students’ Senate; I was wrong in doing so. But sirs do realize that the only precedent that was set yesterday was that two men who’ve worked hard for the students can be stripped of their glories in a moment, because we the students couldn’t agree upon a more rational solution.

Yours sincerely,
A helpless student