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The last few days have been pretty hectic with two major assignment deadlines. And like every wild goose hunt fuelled by caffeine, they’ve enriched my repertoire.

The R Tree assignment for CS618: Searching and Indexing in Databases involved the insertion of a million data points which took about forty minutes to run to completion. The program was midway through when I realized that I needed some precious CPU time for my other assignment: fitting a mixture of Gaussian to a data-set for CS771: Machine Learning Tools and Techniques.

I’ve always maintained the racial superiority of my Dell XPS 15 but I knew better than run both these programs simultaneously. With less than three hours to D-Day, I couldn’t afford terminating the R Tree program; it was then by divine providence that I chanced upon the idea of somehow pausing the R Tree program. And guess what, as it turns out, Linux has just the solution.

The Linux scheduler allows to pause any running program and resume it at a later time; and the way to achieve the same is dead simple. To pause a process, run the following command:

$ kill -STOP <pid>

And at any later stage, one can resume the stopped program by issuing the following command:

$ kill -CONT <pid>

And with that I was able to pause the R Tree program and save the universe from destruction (Not really, but I did manage to save my grades from destruction)