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TL;DR The Chromecast chrome extension works even on linux.

After trying to get Miraclecast working with Elementary OS Freya,a couple of times,I finally bit the bullet and bought a Chromecast. In retrospect, I took the decision in impulse and didn’t do the necessary due diligence before making the purchase. I loved the Chromecast from the moment I started playing with it and it worked seemlessly with my Android Phone but imagine the trauma I had to go through when I realized that Chromecast is not officially supported on linux. And while there were many hacks namely using samba server or Plex to get it working with Linux - and I’m always game for a hack - it was a very baffling that Chromecast, which works on Windows doesn’t work on Linux, because both have the same underlying engine - Chrome. So, I decided to give the chrome extension a whirl on Linux and to my pleasant surprise - it worked.