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Professors in Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur are based and here is another story of such a professor.

IIT Kanpur provides complete autonomy to professors, they can run the classes according to their whims and fancies.

The reason we don’t have mandatory attendance is the professors only want interested students, and yet some classes are jam packed.

One such professor was Professor TVP. If you imagine professors being grumpy old men with pot bellies, you’ll be wrong more often than not in college.

Professor TVP sported grey hair, but that’s the only indication of him being aged as his energy in the class was infectious.

It’s was April 1st and while everyone was in the class, no one really wanted to study that day. The day was nice and sunny, and considering it was “April’s Fool’s”, the devil is bound to have some fun.

As soon as the professor entered and and before he could utter a single word, a student stood up deadpan and said:

“It’s Aprils Fool’s day today and we should not study.”

A normal professor would shut down such a student - but not Professor TVP. In his zest he said.

“I absolutely agree.”

Silence. The students were in shock and awe.

“The day is nice and sunny, let’s go grab some chai in CC canteen. Treat’s on me.”

And so all 40 students, walked to and gheroed CC canteen grabbing some chai amongst some ridiculously nosy peacocks (story for another time).

Told you, never underestimate the Professors of IIT Kanpur. They can surprise you.