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Srijan R. Shetty

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What really hurts is not the loss of friendship, but the loss of intimacy. The ability to walk into your best friend’s room at a moment’s notice, the roar of laughter in the room next door when you return from your classes. The spontaneous eruption of joy and tears over a few drinks you smuggled into the hostel from the prying eyes of the guards.

As you grow older and friendships yonder, you miss not a time long lost, you miss the shared experience of it all. Our digital existence can never fill the void of shared experiences, and in our pursuit of ambition we often let these experiences slide. Human presence is abstract and in our hapless hope that the lack of thereof can still power friendships, we carry on.

It’s not adulting, it’s the human condition. We consistently seek strifes as we believe that it’s the struggles that give our existence meaning, and when the hangman comes knocking he’ll smile over our futility in giving up something valuable in pursuit of something that never existed.

Srijan R Shetty