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Data Sensitive Hashing
Extended data sensitive hashing with multiprobing and entropy mechanisms of locality sensitive hashing; and analysed relative performances of the different algorithms.
Kaggle Bike Sharing Demand
Ranked 53rd in Kaggle's Bike Sharing Demand Machine Learning Competition
VS-3 is a flexible robust offline voting system which was used for Students' Gymkhana General Elections, IIT Kanpur and HEC elections of many hostels of IITK. It's been battle-t...
Multifactor Authentication in OpenVPN
The objective of this project was to implement native multifactor authentication in OpenVPN and session resumption support for the same
Javascript Compiler
A good parts javascript compiler for MIPS which compiles most ECMAScript 5.1 features (first class functions, lambdas etc) with strict type checking and type annotations.
Index Structures
Index structures implemented as a part of CS618: Searching and Indexing in Databases. Implemented structures include: B+-tree, QuadTree, VP-Tree, R-Tree
Hindi Author Attribution
Supervised classification to achieving F-scores in the range of 90-97% for the following prominent hindi authors: Premchand, Tagore, Dharamvir Bharati, Vibhuti Narayan and Sarat...
VANI - Voicing, Archiving and Networking Information, was an initiative to have a common platform for IIT Kanpur for the dissemination of information through wikis, forums and s...
8-bit computer on FPGA
Designed and programmed a simple Instruction set Architecture (ISA) for a 8-bit General Purpose Computer with a load-store architecture on Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA using System Ver...
Implemented syscalls, process scheduling and page replacement algorithms in NachOS.
An angular based 'modern' frontend for - read to bypass - the Institute Course Search, a dinosaur which amazingly has survived the 21st century.
Create simple webpages using a webapp - Webception!!
Antaragni '14
Website of Antaragni '14, IIT Kanpur's annual cultural festival
Junoon '14
Website of Junoon - The biggest eastern rock festival in northern India
Udghosh '13
Website of Udghosh '13, IIT Kanpur's annual sports festival
A simple P2P file sharing program written in NodeJS.
ShuffleRun is a music player which automatically changes the music track to match your running speed. Kind of scratched an itch that I had. Demoed it at Yahoo! HackU '13.'
Vox Populi Introduction
A site introducing Vox Populi, IITK's campus newsletter
Got my hands dirty with HTML, CSS and JS for the first time.