S r i j a n R . S h e t t y
Undergraduate, Dept of Computer Science and Engineering
m https://srijanshetty.in
Skill Set
Languages JavaScript (Expert), Python (Proficient), C++ (Proficient), C (Proficient), R (Intermediate)
Web Dev HTML5, CSS, SQL and NoSQL, AngularJS, Nodejs
Tools Git (Expert), Shell Scripting (Proficient), Vim (Expert), LaTeX (Proficient)
Current B. Tech, Computer Science and Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur 9.6/10.0
July 2011 12
Board, CBSE Board, The Emerald Heights International School, Indore 91.4%
July 2009 10
Board, ICSE Board, The Laurels School International, Indore 95.4%
Work Experience
Summer Intern
May - June 2015
Klozee., Bangalore
• Automated developer operations by creating a heroku style push to deploy model on AWS.
• Worked full stack on Express, Angular, Node and Angular to create a apparel store for the web app.
Multi Factor Authentication in OpenVPN
2014 - 2015
Mozilla Winter of Security, Guillaume Destuynder, Professor Dheeraj Sanghi [Wiki]
• One of the eleven teams all over the world to be selected as a part of Mozilla’s Winter of Security Initiative 2014.
• The objective of the project was to implement true arbitrary multi-factor authentication support in OpenVPN; and to
implement session-support for the additional factors.
• The project presentation is archived at https://air.mozilla.org/mwos-2014-openvpn-mfa/.
• The wiki for the project is located at https://wiki.mozilla.org/Security/Mentorships/MWoS/2014/OpenVPN_MFA
Research Intern
May-July 2014
Microsoft Research India, Bangalore
• Analysed the implementations of different distributed systems and databases architectures like
Google MapReduce
FileSystem, Google MillWheel Yahoo! PNUTS, Amazon DynamoDB, Apache Hadoop, Apache Storm, Microsoft Dryad, and
Microsoft DryadLINQ to understand the design decisions involved.
• Used TPL Dataflow and Lightweight Tasks to implement concurrent pipeline processing of messages in CScale to pre-
serve processing ord er of partially ordered messages. Performed performance testing, failure testing of the existing
Software Development Intern
May-July 2013
Aurus Networks’, Bangalore
• Ported the legacy flash based web player in CourseHub Aurus Networks’ MOOC offering to a technology agnostic
HTML5/JavaScript web player leading to a uniform cross-platform viewing experience.
• Developed a XMPP based real-time chat service using Jabber framework, for conversations during live lectures.
Awards and Achievements
May 2015 Achieved a rank of 53 in Kaggle’s Bike Sharing Demand Machine Learning Competition.
2011-2015 Students’ Gymkhana Leadership Award, IIT Kanpur.
2011-2014 Received an A* grade, for exceptional performance in Systems and Network Security; Computer Networks;
Computer Organization; Logic for Computer Science; Fundamentals of Computing; Introduction to Philosophy
2014-2015 Academic Excellence Award, IIT Kanpur.
2012-2013 Academic Excellence Award, IIT Kanpur.
2011-2012 Academic Excellence Award, IIT Kanpur.
May 2011 Secured All India rank 1937 in Joint Entrance Exam (JEE)
Jan 2011 Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY) Fellowship
Jan 2010 Qualified Regional Mathematics Olympiad (RMO)
Dec 2009 CSIR Programme on Youth for Leadership in Science held at Advanced Materials Research Institute, Bhopal
Monsoon semester: July to November
Winter Semester: January to April
Data Sensitive Hashing
Winter 2014-2015
Indexing and Searching Techniques in Databases, Professor Arnab Bhat-
• Extended data sensitive hashing using standard Locality Sensitive Hashing extensions to compare effectiveness.
• Implemented entropy based dsh, and multiprobe dsh and analysed relative performance with respect to dsh.
JavaScript to MIPS Compiler
Winter 2013-2014
Compilers, Professor Subhajit Roy [GitHub]
• Implemented an end-to-end ECMAScript 5.1 compiler for the MIPS architecture with support for first class functions,
anonymous functions, static types, type annotations, recursion and nested functions.
Hindi author attribution
Winter 2013-2014
Artificial Intelligence, Professor Amitabha Mukherjee [GitHub]
• Presented a poster on Opinion Word Expansion and Target Extraction through Double Propogation, Guang Qin, Bing Liu,
Jiajun Bu, Chun Chen that was nominated as the best poster by all students.
• Generated a Hindi literature corpus consisting of works by Tagore, Vibhuti Narayan, Premchand, Sarat Chattopadhyay and
Dhamarvir Bharati.
• Clustered a sample set of multiple Hindi authors using K-means unsupervised clustering to achieve F-scores in the range
of 90-97% for each author.
• Classified each author using Support Vector Machine using Radial Basis Kernel function and achieved an F-score of 90–95%
for each author.
• Performed Multiple Discriminant Analysis on the data for a quantitative comparison with word collocations; there was
no appreciable difference in the results with the F-scores increasing only marginally.
Monsoon 2013-2014
Operating Systems, Professor Mainak Chaudhari [GitHub]
• Extended the standard system call library of NachOS and implemented system calls pertaining to Fork, Exec, Join, Yield,
Sleep and Exit.
• Implemented process scheduling algorithms: UNIX Scheduling, First in First Out, Round Robin, Shortest Job First and
Non-pre-emptive job scheduling to assess their relative performances.
• Programmed page replacement algorithms: Random Page Allocation, First in First Out, Least Recently Used(LRU) and LRU
Clock to evaluate relative performances under difference scenarios.
8-bit General Purpose Computer on a FPGA
Winter 2012-2013
Computer Organization, Professor Subhajit Roy [GitHub]
• Designed and programmed a simple Instruction set Architecture (ISA) for a 8-bit General Purpose Computer with a load-
store architecture on Xilinx Spartan 3 FPGA using System Verilog. Demonstrated recursion, looping and conditionals on
the Computer by using a simple assembly language.
VS-3, Electronic Voting
Winter 2014-2015
Election Council, IIT Kanpur [GitHub]
• Designed and created a new electronic voting system in consultation with the Students’ Senate to facilitate smooth
electonic voting in the campus.
• The voting system was subsequently used in Students’ Gymkhana General Elections, Hall 8 HEC Elections, Hall 2 HEC
Elections and Hall 4 HEC Elections.
VANI - Voicing Archiving and Networking Information
Summer 2012-2013
Professor Manidra Agarwal, Professor T. V. Prabhakar
• Initiated the creation of VANI - an extensible community platform with applications for forums, wikis, search, lost and
found and calendars.
Leadership Skills
Chief Election Officer, Election Council, IIT Kanpur
2014 - 2015
• Conducted General Elections, Student’s Gymkhana 2014 and Girls Representative Elections, Students’ Gymkhana 2014.
• Developed a new voting software from ground up to cater to the needs of IIT Kanpur.
Head, Major Events and Competitions, Antaragni ’14
2014 - 2015
• Orchestrated Roadtrip the National Campaign of Antaragni ’14, under which national prelims for Nukkad, Dance, Quiz
and Synchronicity were held in Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Chandigarh, Bhopal, Lucknow, Kolkata, and Kanpur.
• Negotiated with leading academies of Dance, Musicals, and Fine Arts to provide mentorships, and other non-monetary
incentives to the outstanding cultural performers in Antaragni under the banner of Dream On campaign.
• Coordinated the conduction of fifty competitions and nine major events with a team comprising of over thousand
volunteers. Initiated and organized Mr. & Ms. Fresher’s competition and introduced Chreo Night in Antaragni’s arsenal
of competitions.
• Organized a blood donation camp for the residents of IIT Kanpur to promote awarness about road accidents. Mobilized
information about road safety through infographics and questionnaires via Antaragni’s nation wide social campaign Zara
Sambhal Ke.
Hospitality Coordinator, Antaragni ’13
2013 2014
• Managed a team of 40 secretaries and 80 volunteers, over a span of 8 months and ensured a flawless conduction of the
• Chalked out the logistics of hospitality and accommodation of 1500 participants with four other coordinators. Handled
security arrangements during the four days of the Festival from 24
to 27
Member, Gymkhana Review Committee
2013 2014
Editor-in-chief, Vox Populi, the campus newsletter.
2013 2014
Senator, Students’ Senate, IITK Y11 batch.
2012 2013
Volunteer Work
Member, Institute Anti Ragging Committee
2014 2015
• Appointed as a member of the Institute Anti Ragging Committee, a 10 member committee responsible for welfare of the
newly admitted freshmen.
• Worked in tandem with the office of the Dean of Student Affairs, to organize sessions on easing the transition of freshmen.
Ensured institute norms regarding humane treatment of freshmen are properly conveyed to all senior batches and worked
towards the enforcement of those norms.
Tutor, English Proficiency Programme
2013 2014
Professor Bhaskar Das Gupta
• Worked as a English tutor in the pilot English Proficiency Programme to help under-privileged students obtain a functional
knowlege of English.
Academic Mentor, Fundamentals of Computing, Professor Sumit Ganguly
2012 2013
Extra-Curricular Activities
Sporadic blogger at srijanshetty.in
Hacker, Navya, FOSS Group IIT Kanpur
• Promoted the FOSS initiative in campus by organizing student lectures and meet-ups.
• Built student-centric applications like Course Search and Student Search, to circumvent their legacy institute counterparts.
Active contributor to numerous open source projects