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I was introduced to the world of open source in college and I’ve never looked back. Here’s a list of some tools I can’t live without:

  • cli-goodes: misc tools for daily use.
  • fasd: faster cd.
  • fzf: too many uses of fzf that I can count.
  • tmux: terminal multiplexer.
  • vcsh and mr: dotfiles nirvana.
  • vim: cause every other editor feels half baked.
  • zsh: instantly awesome ZSH using Prezto.

Media organization

I’m an obsessive compulsive, and I’ve dedicated my life to sorting my shit media.

  • anki: powerful, intelligent flashcards.
  • git: as Torvalds says source control as the way it should be.
  • feedly: it’s in vogue for now.
  • goodreads: pathetic, but it’s all we’ve got.
  • google photos: Google scored a homerun with this one.
  • tasker: automate your phone.
  • zathura: PDF Viewer.