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I was introduced to the world of open source in college and I’ve never looked back. Here’s a list of some tools I can’t live without:

  • antigen-hs: as git-submodules are a nightmare.
  • pushbullet: universal copy paste across devices, need I say more?
  • fzf: generic commandline fuzzyfinder.
  • tmux: terminal multiplexer.
  • vcsh and mr: dotfiles nirvana.
  • vim: cause every other editor feels half baked.
  • zsh: Instantly Awesome ZSH using Prezto.

Media organization

I’m an obsessive compulsive, and I’ve dedicated my life to sorting my shit media.

  • anki: powerful, intelligent flashcards.
  • beets: the music geek’s media organizer.
  • boom: bookmarks on the command line.
  • geeknote: cross-platform command line Evernote client.
  • git: as Torvalds says source control as the way it should be.
  • git-annex: for everything else.
  • google photos: Google scored a homerun with this one.
  • annotate the web
  • ledger: powerful, double-entry accounting system.
  • memo: commandline note-taking.
  • snips: commandline snippets.


An assorted list of other utilities that come in handy.


Until I make a better section, and LastFM.


I’ve only recently started tracking the books on goodreads which I’ve read or I intend to read; and through this endeavour, I’ve come to the arguably depressing conclusion that I don’t read as much I’d like to. I’ve decided not to burden myself with realization and find solace in the fact that I consume a lot of blogs daily.

I read RSS on Digg (for-it-matters-which-RSS-reader-you-use).
I’m trying to do my bit in organizing the vast expanses of the internet using You can access my annotation stream here. It contains all articles that I found to be interesting.

Lectures & Papers
Lectures and Research Papers, that I found to be insightful.


Those ‘Aha’ talks: